Saturday, 30 November 2013

Las Iguanas Review , Brazillian and Cuban Food

We tried Las Iguanas for the first time last week by chance. The restaurant is a UK chain but a very good one. Both my wife and i enjoyed  trying something  different. We will come back for the good food and reasonable prices.

THE EXTRAORDINARY XINXIM -Exotic, creamy, satisfying. Lime chicken in a crayfish & peanut sauce with spring onion, garlic & coriander rice & fine green beans. Toasted coconut farofa to sprinkle, sweet plantains for fun

POLLO CARARU a spicy dish of chicken & butternut squash with iron-rich spinach, okra, seafood broth & coconut milk, blended & served with spring onion, garlic & coriander rice. With chilli & garlic buttered corn tortillas & pink pickled onions
Wine from Argentina


AFFOGATO CUBANO -A scoop of dulce de leche ice cream drowned in spiced rum espresso with a Cinnamon  Sugar dusted Churro.  Link to the restaurant

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