Wednesday, 2 October 2013

@siam Thai Restaurant Soho

I cant say enough nice things  about this  restaurant.

Firstly the staff were efficient ,  the food was authentic and tasty , i think my wife's  green curry was the best i have had.  Also the restaurant is open all day , so if your being dragged round the shops like i was there is no fear of  this place closing for lunch , which is a breath of fresh air. Moreover the price was  very cheap if you take their lunch deal. Normally i throw lunch deals to one side and look at the ala carte but their lunch deal were too enticing to leave alone.

We had a 2 starters and maincourses  with 3 beers for  32 pounds.  I think this price makes it cheaper than Pizza Express. I will be coming here again.

Refreshing Chang beer

Pad Goong

Thai Fish cakes and  Green Curry

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