Saturday, 14 September 2013

First Home cooked Korean Meal as a married man

Dear all ,  my first homemade Korean meal took place on Friday 13th September. My wife with my help prepared Gimbap , Dak bulgogi and we had kimchi and  pickled radish as a side dish.


Gimbap is essentially rice rolled up  in a nori sheet with your choice of  veg and meat or fish. The ingredients we used are as follows.

1) Sushi Rice  , when cooked  seasoned with salt , peper and seasame oil

2) 4 eggs  cooked to form a hard omelette which was easy to cut in to strips.

3) A packet of crab sticks ( cut in to thin strips ,  try to cut all the veg in a similar size)

4) 1 Carrot ,  with the  thin strips  lightly stir fried in a pan.

5) Cucumber cut into thin strips with salt sprinkled on top in order for the moisture to be extracted.

6) Pickled radish 

7) Peppers

8) Tins of Tuna

9) And add mayonaise on top to make the gimbap more moist.

Add as many veg , fish as you need to make for yourself or guests, its a matter of trail and error to get the amounts correct for you.

Once you have prepared all the ingredients then get your sushi mat and place a nori sheet on the mat and add a think layer of rice to cover 2/3s  of your sheet  then ad the veg and fish according to taste. Before rolling  add  rice at the top of the sheet this will help the rolling process and keep the  gimbap together. Finally add seasme oil to your roll this will make it easier to cut.

Dak Bulgogi

Main Ingredients

500 grams of  Chicken
1 Carrot Chopped
1 Onion Chopped
1 Pepper Chopped
A generous portion of mushrooms

Marinade Ingredients

Some Mirin
Black pepper
Korean Curry powder

Sauce Ingredients

Red pepper Paste
Soya Sauce
Seasame Oil
Black Pepper

1) Marinade the Chicken for a few hours
2)  Add the sauce to the Chicken and the Veg and cook until done.

The whole table , Gimbap , Dak bulgogi ,  Lettuce leaves ,  Kimchi, Pickled Radish ,Soabean paste.

 Add the chicken and veg to lettuce leaves with soyabean paste and wrap for a delicious meal.

For those in London i bought the Asian products from Arrigato store in Brewer street Soho , and the Japan Centre in Lower Regent  street.

For any questions concerning this recipe please email myself and my wife at

Thank you


  1. looks yummy.. thanks for sharing the recipes.. :)
    good post

  2. woooooooooow! looks great! I felt a little bit hungry!

  3. finally Korean Dish to be dished out... Dak Bulgogi awesome

    1. you would love it Phurbbbbbbbbbbbba

  4. Thanks for your comments more good cooking from my wife to come.