Monday, 8 July 2013

Korean Trip Part 8 off to Busan part 2 - Meeting my In Laws part 1

One of the Main Reasons i went to Busan  was to see my new Wife's Family and although their is a language barrier i was made to feelvery welcome. Ever since i knew about Korean film though i have wanted to Travel to Busan and one day i will go there for their very cool film festival. For me its probably the Sun-dance of Asia , many films  i have been waiting for years to get a dvd release  i originally  found out about thanks to the Busan Film Festival. For all you movie Fans it  takes place in October each year so google it nearer the time for the top independent movies.

But i digress , My Wife's Family treated me to  3 lovely meals.

Dae-Uh  ( which means Big Fish )  was the First Restaurant and it was very close to Jagalchi Fish Market.


More Sashimi , i particularly liked the Sea Urchin

Spicy Fish

Add caption

My Wife's Parents Loved this , its very tasty like Mackerel


Sashimi and Smelts


The Pink things are Sweet potato

Rice with Roe

Korean Tempura  slightly different to Japanese
As you can see it was a great meal , stay tuned tomorrow for another Great meal , where i am taken to  a traditional Korean Restaurant.

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  1. Wow you are just so lucky to have tried all those fascinating foods. I like how they are all so beautifully prepared, especially the Sashimi with the tiny ladder thingys lol :D