Sunday, 7 July 2013

Korean Trip part 7 Off to Busan Part 1

It was with great saddness that we left Seoul for Busan. But i was sure Busan would be equally as good with the extra difference of being a city by the sea. We stayed in Busan  for 4 days before  heading back to a different part of Seoul. The next few blogs depicts our short but  enjoyable time in Busan.

Peach Iced Tea at Seoul Station -- Actually i got addicted to Peach iced tea

Busan here i come in 2.5 hours.
The first restaurant we went to was directly opposite Busan Station and was a Shabu Shabu  Restaurant.

Where do i start


My Wife also showed me  the animal Farm on top of  Lotte Department store In Busan, here people can see and  view Farmyard animals and also see great views of Busan.

Cool Views

Cute Tasty Piglets

My Wife's Friend also took us to a lovely Galbi Restaurant  which i absolutely adored.

Meat , Side dishes and beer

Sweet Sweet Galbi cooking before my very own eyes

 After Dinner  he kindly drove us to a high point of Busan in order to  see the spectular views at night of this beautiful city.

Gwangan Bridge

No Blog about Busan would be complete without some pics of  the sea. We were taking to two beaches in Busan  by my Wife's Parents  one was called Taejongdae in Young-do and the other was Amnam park in  Song-do.

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