Saturday, 6 July 2013

Korean Trip Part 6 More of Seoul

When my Wife's Friend told us that she would take us to the Namsan tower i thought it would be cool. So we met her at Seoul Station in the Centre of Seoul, she then showed us a far away image of a very  tall building and said we will walk there. I thought i cant  get there but  trying to act cool i said no problem  ill walk there , after about a 40 minute uphill walk on a hot Seoul  Morning we reached it and it was a great place and i am so glad i went , the views were  spectacular. The Namsan tower is a communication tower  and is located at the  highest point of Seoul on the Namsan Mountain. It was completed in 1971 and opened to the public  in 1980.

Walking through the Streets of Seoul Uphill

The Tower is in sight getting closer

A map

Views along the way

Romantic people  chain locks of course my wife and i didnt

Namsan Tower
Luckily we took the bus back  to Seoul station where  we were joined by another of my wife's friends and they took us for lunch  where we ate Andong Jjim Dak ( chicken Stew). Afterwards we went to a cafe for cake.

Later that Evening my wife and i drank some Cambodian beer  she bought in a recent trip to Cambodia   ( Please see blogs  On Cambodia). All in all it was a great day.

Another place we went to  was Gangnam , this place is world famous  due to the song and i wanted to see just how much style Gangnam had , and the answer was it has alot. I wish i spent more time in the area exploring it , but in the one evening there  we found a lovely wine bar  and passed an enjoyable evening with  My Wife's Friends.

The Cheese was lovely in the Wine Bar
Before Leaving For Busan we went to Duchong-Dong , here we found a nice bar and i had a few too many Gins and Tonics and beers ( a very bad mix)  but the bar snacks were lovely and the filipino beer was very nice. They were promoting Guiness alot in this bar/Pub.

Needed these

A Great Beer

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