Thursday, 4 July 2013

Korean Trip Part 4 The Food in Seoul Samsung-Dong Part 2

There was so much  food in this area of Seoul  near our Hotel  i  thought it was best to split it  between 2 blogs.

The Shabu Shabu Restaurant was a welcome sight , as the evening we went there it was raining  very heavily , so the restaurant  was very quiet . The food was excellent , and some how i was able to eat a porridge made from sauces of the shabu shabu and dumplings after the main course , washed down with  Soju.

The Mandatory Free Side dishes and Water

Shabu Shabu before its cooked

Lovely Shabu Shabu bubbling away

My wife pouring me a lovely shot of Soju

Porridge afterwards

Lovely Lovely Dumplings

The interior  of the Restaurant , no one there because of the rain storm
I believe eating  just one or two Cuisines  can be boring even if its delicious like Korean and Japanese. So one night we opted for something different and i thought  less spicy ( i was wrong). We decided upon Mad for Garlic. As the name suggests its a Garlic mad chain of restaurants serving up Italian  food. I thought  the food was lovely but  much much spicer than Italian food actually is.I must say a cold  glass of Sauvignon Blanc really hit the spot. I believe this is a chain of restaurants  located throughout Korera and in other parts of Asia  such as Manilla , Singapore and Bangkok. All in all a Lovely Meal.

The Restaurant had an impressive Wine  List

Spaghetti Pescatore

My wifes Triple Garlic Pasta 
Another Restaurant we went to each morning was the Food Cafe , this was a no thrills restaurant where you call out what you want in Korean , so  again you need to know a Korean or the language. The price of the food here is  very cheap  i would say maybe 3 dollars a meal , but i thought the quality was very good. The Food Cafe is a chain restaurant throughout  Korea and opens 24 hours.

Bibimbap with Free side dishes

Free Abalone Broth

Sun Dubu Chigae

All in all  Samsung-dong is a cool place to eat.


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