Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Korean Trip Part 3 the Food in Seoul Samsung-Dong Part 1

You cant  go to Korea without tasting the food. It really helps if you know  a Korean who can order for you as the real local restaurants will not have an English Menu or English speaking staff.

The First Restaurants we tried were near our  First Seoul Hotel  the Ramada in Samsung Dong. The Very First Night we went to Restaurant  called the Chulpan story. The restaurant was very local , with Koreans  drinking and talking  loudly after a hard day  of work.  I would throughly  recommend this restaurant if you want a spicy , jet lag cure meal , but  please bring a Korean.

The Outside of The Restaurant
Free Side Dishes

web foot squid and pork before it was cooked

Cooked in a Spicy red pepper paste Sauce
Another of me and my Wife's Favourite was a Japanese Izakaya called Yoran . This place was superb for food and surprisingly not to noisy as the tables were big  and spacious. I even left my Iphone in the Restaurant and the  waiter  ran  about 3 minutes  down the road to give it back to me for that act alone they deserve  my admiration. We went there  for two dinners and enjoyed both.

Free Nibbles before the meal with a Cold beer

Spicy Chicken Karake

O-Deng Tang ,  ( Fish ball Casserole)

Hitler Sake

SOJU !!!!!!!!!

Spicy seafood Tang


A light Refreshing  Korean Beer

Another Great but Simple  Restaurant  Near the hotel was the Tee Cafe , this place Just served  Chicken fried in different sauces with beer ,  not  healthy but  very nice.

The Entrance of the Restaurant

The Restaurant

Chilli Chicken and a cold Max Beer

We also went to  a couple of Cafe's in Samsung-Dong  and tried the local chains out which were very nice.

Tasaron Cafe

Blue Lemonade
The Club Sandwiches  in the Tasaron Cafe which means Warm Cafe were very tasty and made a huge change to the amount of spice i was consuming i think my Tummy relaxed for a meal eating this.

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