Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Korean Trip part 16 The Conclusion

My series of  blogs on my Trip to Korea is now over i hope you enjoyed  watching  my trip unfold  day after day.

Before going to Korea i thought i knew what to expect , but to be honest alot of the myths such as  beautiful women everywhere ,  everyone is slim and everyone has plastic surgery is a misconception. I am not saying the Korean people are in any way unattractive but like all nations most of us look  average.

What i did find in Korea is that it is important to at least have a basic grasp of the language. The plus points of Korea are that the Food and Service is always good and fast. Also  one feels safe when walking around , there seems to be little or no crime.

My predicition for Korea in 10-20 years will be that  it will become more successful and well known and with this  popularity like all western countries know, the traditions will get relaxed and replaced with a one size fits all capitalist model. But on the plus side for me i think the English language will be used more.

I am Glad i tried Gimbap

Korean Melon

Korean Toilet - to wash , dry and massage  you after the job is done

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