Saturday, 1 June 2013

Angkor Miracle Resort and Spa

My Fiancee stayed in this hotel during her time  in Cambodia , so i thought it would be wise to ask  her a few  questions about  the hotel in case any of you are considering  going to Siem Reap.

She concluded the  following

The hotel was clean and quiet and very reasonable.

The restaurant was very nice but she only used it for breakfast , eggs and rice noodles were prepared fresh in their own stations  and cooked to order.

The swimming pool  was very quiet and the pool bar was very reasonable ,  she was amazed at the value of  milk shakes.

She confirmed that if shegoes back to visit Siem Reap she would definitely stay in this hotel.

I also asked her what made her  choose  Cambodia and  what was the best part of her trip to which she replied ,  " I wanted to experience Angkor Wat  , i read so much  about thie history and culture of the place ,  It was overall the best place i visited in Cambodia.

Rice Noodle

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